Agrisciences Pvt Ltd

Innovation through rigorous Research & Development has been a passion with which Sagar Agrisciences Pvt Ltd has taken shape and the same spirit continues to this day, which is shared by the team of scientists at Sagar.

The scientists in the R & D have made breakthroughs in medicinal Plants Ashwagandha, Sarpgandha ,aloe vera different Varities of Sugarcane, potato, pomegranate , floriculture crops like lilium tuberisation and tree species viz., Azardirachata indica, etc.

The other achievements include:


In an effort to keep its human resources abreast with latest developments in biotechnology, Sagar agrisciences has developed regular training modules for its scientists apart from participating in research programs with various organization like BCIL as part of the Academia-Industry interaction program.

The laboratory gives regular training to NGOs, farmers' organizations involving itself in popularizing the biotech inputs and carring out training to interested Biotech students.