Agrisciences Pvt Ltd
Contract Production
Crop Varities
Banana Grand Naine ( G-9) , Dwarf Cavandish
Cordyline australis Red star, Sundance, Atro purpurea,
Cordyline terminalis Chocolate queen
Gerbera Most of the Varities
Zantedeschia Most of the Varities
Orchid Phenolopsis , cymbidium
Yucca Golden sword, bright edge
Sugarcane Most of the varities
Eucalyptus Most spp.
Bamboo D.asper
Syngonium Pixie, white butterfly, Golden yellow
Medicinal plants Withania somnifera ,Rauwolfia Serpentina , AloeVera


Apart from a wide range of young plants, Sagar Agri Sciences would also provide the following services to the growers / breeders

  • Contract production of plant varieties with guaranteed protection, confidentiality and proprietary rights
  • Patented plant production and liner stage export for pot plant production.
  • Custom propagation projects for growers and breeder’s who want to commercialize a variety
  • Facilitates setting up of Production Centers in our Sagar Agrisciences for exclusive product developments and production with starter cultures or mother plants provided.